Colorado Springs and Denver Temple Wedding Jessica and Kory

(scroll to the bottom for the wedding video, or watch on youtube)

Read a little about Jessica and Kory’s story from Jessica’s point of view!

“Kory and I first met at a get-together organized by mutual friends of ours for the sole purpose of providing an opportunity for use to meet…yep…blind date. 🙂

After a wonderful evening of good food, good conversation, and several laughter filled rounds of Tenzie and table tennis, it was time for the evening to come to an end.

As we got into our cars to go our separate ways, I realized I should probably disclose some very important information to Kory. “So, don’t freak out…” I began, “when I follow you home…” I continued, “because we live in the same apartment complex.” Kory just laughed and replied, “I’m glad you told me. That would have been awkward.”

Over the next 18 months, Kory and I continued to grow as a couple through good times, bad times, and yes…awkward times. However, through all of these experiences we grew to love and appreciate one another.

We are looking forward to everything the future holds!”

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