Dear baby: Week 38

Dear baby,

Some days it feels like I’ll be pregnant forever, but here we are, so close to the end. You still don’t have a name. It’s never been this difficult to choose before- I always knew early on what name I wanted for your brothers and sister. I’m sure we’ll figure it out- we have to eventually!

This pregnancy has definitely been the most difficult for me physically. It’s hard for me to walk for a long period of time, so I’ve resorted to using the electric cart on long shopping trips. I have no shame anymore 🙂  I am just so grateful that you are healthy, and we’ll be meeting you so soon.

You’re still kicking away so strong in there. Last night I think I felt an arm or a leg- it was very cool. In the last ultrasound we had, she said she could see a lot of hair, so I’m excited about that! Hayden and Audra had dark hair when they were born, but Parker was bald for a very long time. They were all adorable, but it’s fun to have a little hair to play with.

We’ll be seeing you soon after Christmas- can’t wait!



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