Preparing for Your 2024 Family Photos

Preparing for your 2024 family photos doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here are some tips from a photographer who’s been doing this for a while!

Hey! I’m Anne, and I’ve been a family photographer in Colorado Springs since 2010. I know it may feel a little early to start thinking about family photos, especially if you’re waiting until fall. But there are some things to think about now that will make your life a little easier! Even just knowing what to expect can be a big help.

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1. Choosing the Perfect Location:

It’s so important to think about the location of your photo shoot. As much as we want to pick the right one, we want to avoid picking the wrong one. My favorite locations have beautiful scenery, and plenty of open space to move around and play. We don’t want to have to hike in too far to get to the spot. The location of the sun has a lot to do with it too- my favorite time of day for outdoor family photos is right before sunset, and the sun needs to be behind my subjects in order to capture that beautiful glow I love. Here in Colorado Springs we have many gorgeous locations, and I give you a list after you book so you can choose.

2. Coordinating Outfits:

Start thinking about what you want to wear for your session. My favorite outfits for family sessions coordinate, but aren’t matchy-matchy. Think about where you want to display your photos and make sure to pick a color scheme that compliments the room. I find it easiest to start with mom’s outfit (I love a beautiful flowy dress) and go from there, picking colors that coordinate. But sometimes you’ll find a little girls dress or a cute sweater for your little boy and that’s what you’ll want to base it off of. If it’s a patterned piece then you can pick colors straight from the pattern and be confident it will look good. When you book with me you’ll get customized styling help which is a bonus!

3. Timing Your Session:

Like I mentioned above, I love photographing families close to sunset for that beautiful, warm glow. This usually means starting an hour to an hour and a half before sunset, depending on the location. It is sunny most days here in Colorado but even when it’s not, your photos will turn out beautifully. When you go to schedule your session through my calendar, you’ll see an estimated time that will be updated after you choose your location.

4. Preparing Your Family:

As your session gets closer, you can prepare your family for the most successful session by doing a few things. First, set expectations. Let them know how long the session will last (I suggest overestimating a little here, just in case). Let them know that they aren’t just expected to stand and give stiff smiles, but they will be able to play and have fun too. Give them something to look forward to- maybe a fun dinner out, an ice cream cone on the way home or a family movie night. And on your session day, bring water and snacks for the little ones.

5. Communicating with Your Photographer:

Most importantly, when preparing for your 2024 family photos- if you have any questions or struggles, reach out to your photographer! They do this all the time so they have a lot of insight to share. If they have prepared a session guide for you, make sure to read through it. They want this session to be as successful as you do!

When you’re planning your family photos for 2024, start thinking of these things ahead of time to make it a little easier on yourself. Think about the location you want, what you want to wear, what time it will be, preparing your family and reaching out to your photographer.

If you’re ready to get on my calendar for family photos in Colorado Springs, just click that Contact Me button at the top of the page!

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