Choosing Outfits for Family Photos

Choosing outfits for family photos can completely change the look and feel of your photos, so don’t skimp on time here! When you’re planning your family photo shoot in beautiful Colorado Springs, it’s important to think about more than just the location.

In this guide, I’ll share a few tips for choosing outfits for you, your husband, and kids for your family photos.

1. Harmony with Nature

Colorado Springs is known for its diverse landscapes, from red rocks to green meadows. When selecting outfits, we want them to complement your surroundings. Here are some tips:

– Earth Tones: Choose earthy colors like greens, blues, browns, and greys. These colors blend well with the natural setting and create a sense of harmony in your family portraits.

-Tis the Season: adjust your outfits for the season. In winter, opt for cozy sweaters and layers. In summer, go for lighter fabrics and soft, muted colors.

2. Coordinating, Not Matching

Gone are the days of everyone wearing the exact same outfit for family photos. Instead, we want to coordinate. Select a color palette and have each family member choose clothing that falls within that range. I find it helpful to pick a main patterned outfit (for example, mom wears a floral dress), then pull other colors from the pattern.

3. Avoid Loud Patterns and Logos

Patterns can add visual interest, but we want to avoid loud or distracting designs. Busy patterns and logos can draw attention away from your family and the natural beauty of our location.

4. Layer to Add Visual Interest

Layering adds depth and texture to your photos. Consider cardigans, vests, or jackets that complement the color scheme and can be added or removed as needed.

5. Comfort is Key

Make sure everyone feels comfortable in their clothing. Discomfort shows in photos. Uncomfortable shoes or restrictive clothing can lead to awkward expressions and poses. Make comfort a priority, along with style.

6. Details

Don’t forget your final touches- jewelry, hats, any other accessories you want to have. Make sure your shoes coordinate with the outfits you choose. Fresh manicures (and pedicures if your toes will show!) are always a plus. And, with the dry climate here, keep everyone’s lips moisturized so we don’t have chapped, cracked lips. (My fav thing for that is Aquaphor)

Choosing your outfits is so important! That’s why I offer personalized styling with all of my sessions. You just tell me how much help you want and we’ll go from there. If you want everything chosen for you from scratch, we’ll create a custom style board for you with links to outfits for easy shopping. Or you can just use it as inspiration and buy similar items. I also have a client closet with beautiful dresses for mom and a few outfits for little ones!

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